Our Process

Working with homeowners to make their dream home a reality

Planning Process:

The first step after deciding to build a house is answering the simple question of, where do you want to live? In and around the Lincoln area, there are many great places and newer developments to choose from.  However, something to note is that not all locations will be a great match with what you are looking for in a house. In developments there are restrictions “called Covenants” that control the size of the house and exterior design, such as roof pitch or garage location. We will work with you in this process to create a building plan and ensure that what you have in mind will work at your desired location.

Bid Process:

After we have created a house plan in the location of your choice, we will then move on to the design aspect of your house, as we discuss the type of finish for your new home. Whether or not you know exactly what you want, we have the expertise to answer any questions and to help you brainstorm different ideas. After deciding on what you would like in your home, we will put together an accurate and realistic bid based on your decisions about aspects of the house. We will keep you on budget and give you allowances that will cover the cost of your home.

Building Process:

Once you are comfortable with the location, design and pricing of your new home the building process will begin. We pride ourselves in being hands-on builders and will offer great communication throughout the entire building process, through meetings, jobsite walkthroughs, weekly progress pictures with descriptions about what is being done. Any changes you wish to make during this time will be recorded, and you will be aware of any price fluctuation before making any decisions.

Warranty Process:

After closing on your new home, you will receive a 1-year builders’ warranty. This means that for the first year you have your new home, you can feel free to contact us if you have a problem and we will handle it in a timely manner.